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Our difference

Our client’s privacy, career support and wealth protection are the core focus. We look to establish long term sustainable financial growth rather than make short term speculative promises. By managing the finances of individuals and families alongside the knowledge of the sporting profession, we aim to create wealth that can be enjoyed throughout a client’s lifetime and for generations to come.

For some people financial security is not immediate, it can be generated over several decades of work. For others wealth is earnt at a young age, when important financial decisions need to be made. We understand that making the right choices financially whilst still being able to enjoy the income is imperative. Balance is important, understanding is key, and trust is essential.

In sports there are unique challenges and time horizons, pressures both mentally and physically and a demand on the family life dynamic. The uncertainty of career duration and the pressure to find a suitable career for some after can be strenuous, but with support and guidance and a sound financial plan, this pressure can ease.

We have first hand experience of
a sports professionals career and the
challenges along their journey


Just as every family is different, so is our care. We have excellent knowledge and/or contacts who can assist sports professionals with all aspects of their financial and lifestyle matters.

  • Insurance
  • Family Protection
  • Deposit and Tax Term Accounts
  • Investments
  • Banking
  • Property
  • Borrowing
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Trust Planning
  • Family Investments Companies
  • Legal and Accountancy support
  • Concierge Services
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