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A Family Story

Jacqui Davidson-Slack Premier Wealth Solutions

Premier Wealth Solutions Ltd
Jacqui Davidson-Slack
Fellow of the FPS and CISI

Premier Wealth Solutions – Sports Professionals is a subsidiary brand of Premier Wealth Solutions Ltd (PWS Ltd) which was founded in 2020 by Jacqui having worked for over 35 years within investment management firms and private banks. Jacqui was determined to work with a reduced number of clients to ensure they receive a truly personalised service. Holding the highest of qualifications as a fellow of two of the most recognised industry bodies, Jacqui works with individuals, families and companies.

Whilst PWS Ltd work with high-net-worth clients, we recognised a need to provide a bespoke financial planning service to sports professionals whose financial needs are less understood.

“The measure of who we are is what we do,
with what we have.”

PWS – Sports Professionals is managed by Emmelia and Nick Powell.

Emmelia started her professional career in banking, with a major UK retail bank. After having children, she decided she wanted to explore other career options and soon developed an interest in financial planning after seeking advice herself. Emmelia, whilst managing a young family, completed her training and now holds a diploma in Financial Planning with the CII. She continues her learning journey to become chartered. She is also a Personal Finance Society’s New Professionals Officer, looking to support those new to the financial services industry.

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you,
and how many generations you keep it for.”

Robert Kiyosaki

Emmelia Davidson-Slack Premier Wealth Solutions for Sports Professionals

Premier Wealth Solutions –
Sporting Professionals
Emmelia Davidson-Slack DipPFS
Qualified Advisor

Nick Powell Premier Wealth Solutions for Sports Professionals

Premier Wealth Solutions –
Sporting Professionals
Nick Powell
Relationship Manager

Nick is currently a professional sports player who has faced numerous uncertainties in his career. One of his biggest fears has always been his income post football and ensuring he has financial security for himself and his family. He fortunately started working with Jacqui in the early stages of his career. He soon began to appreciate that creating a financial plan, setting tangible goals and targets would  allow him the ability to support a sustainable income at the end of his footballing career. The financial plan helped to ease the pressure when “the game got tough” as he knew that he is protected, invested, and well looked after. As a result of his own personal experience, Nick decided he would like to join Emmelia and work towards qualifications himself. Nick also aims to support client relationships and provide support to players throughout their careers.

With a focus on their joint financial future, family needs and life beyond football, Nick and Emmelia have developed their own joint financial plan by working with PWS Ltd .

As young professionals themselves and having the benefit of taking advice and now attaining qualifications and experience in financial planning, they have created a service offering bespoke advice and support to those in the sporting profession to help educate, facilitate, protect and of course, create sustainable wealth. They have first-hand experience of the challenges faced for sports professionals and the uncertainty of players futures.

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