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Just as every family is different, so is our care. We have excellent knowledge and/or contacts who can assist sports professionals with all aspects of their financial matters.

  • Insurance
  • Family Protection
  • Deposit and Tax Term Accounts
  • Investments
  • Banking
  • Property
  • Borrowing
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Trust Planning
  • Family Investments Companies
  • Legal and Accountancy support
  • Concierge Services

Working alongside you, we want to:

  • Assist you in building a secure financial future
  • Support positive financial habits and understanding short term and long-term financial priorities
  • Offer support and guidance for your financial decisions
  • Provide protection for you and your family and protect debt
  • Creating security financially should your career end unexpectedly
  • Assist your career journey, from moving teams to buying new houses
  • Provide guidance and advice on how to best use your Image Rights Companies, Property Companies and or any other  business you may be looking to establish
  • Review any existing investments you have, to ensure that they best suit you, are performing well and are not disproportionately expensive
  • Assist with budgeting and maximising tax efficiency within your financial portfolio
  • Work closely with your wider team of professionals, lawyers, agents, solicitors, bankers

Traditional financial planning and noncontentious, well recognised structuring is sufficiently effective in the creation and protection of wealth. Scheme’s which offer the opportunity to ‘get rich fast’ are not promoted within the firm. Premier Wealth’s reputation is founded on providing impartial and independent  advice on all matters.

Independent Or Restricted

What is Restricted Advice?

As stated on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)  website – “Some examples of restricted advice are where:

  • the adviser works with one product provider and only considers products from that company
  • the adviser considers products from a limited range of product providers
  • the adviser is unable to review existing products that you may already have in place.

Restricted advisers and firms cannot describe the advice they offer as ‘independent’.” – FCA

What is Independent advice?

“An adviser or firm that provides independent advice can consider and recommend a wide range of retail investment products that could meet your needs and objectives. Independent advisers will also consider products from a wide range of firms across the market, and will give unbiased and unrestricted advice.” – FCA

PWS Ltd provide truly independent advice, which allows us to focus on the needs of the clients, affordability, and providers to offer the best solution, rather than being restricted on the advice we can give.

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